Aug 29, 2012

Tom Cruise's Back Muscle

We have been obsessed with movie musicals since the very first time we saw Mr. Feeny piddle, twiddle, and resolve...

Ok so we just typed four different sentences about why movie musicals are so amazing. None of them were funny, but they all prove that movie musicals are definitely worth talkin' about:
  • First, we just really need to talk about Rock of Ages. Did anyone else notice on Facebook how we both became OBSESSED with the music in Rock of Ages?? The movie proved to be entertaining, as well as ten different movies in one. We were personally on board with Russell Brand's adorableness, Catherine Zeta-Jones's legs, and Will Forte playing the news anchor. Everything else (we're lookin' at YOU, Alec Baldwin) was as unsettling as Tom Cruise's monkey and Paul Giamatti's hair piece. 
  • Anyone else shimmying over the fact that Jay-Z is producing Annie starring Will Smith's daughter?! How much does Jay-Z LOVE Annie?! See: 1999's "Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)." We really hope they'll get Gordon Bass to play Puff Daddy Warbucks. 
  • How did we JUST hear about the documentary Stagedoor? It's on Netflix Instant Watch and is about the most hardcore performing arts camp out there. It literally opens with the exact replica of Mr. G from Summer Heights High yelling at the kids to point toward tomorrow instead of towards tomorrow because Marvin Hamlisch would have wanted it that way. 
  • How adorable is Tangled?! We were also late on this bandwagon and we're glad we jumped aboard Mandy Moore singing an acoustic guitar song by Alan Menken. It's also awesome seeing Donna Murphy play Disney 3D's rendering of the witch in Into the Woods. 
All of this is a result of the fact that we just brought ourselves to watching the Les Mis trailer for the first time ever. Anne Hathaway's pixie cut sang an entire song in the trailer. Trailer #2 better be Russell Crowe singing Stars or we're leaving. 

Aug 26, 2012

Do People Still Have Blogs...?

Hello friends, family, and family!

After an almost three-year hiatus (we really hope we did that math right) the Steingold Sisters (is it annoying that we referred to ourselves in third-person?) (parentheses) have returned home. And by home we mean we're now living together in New York. What this essentially means is that we have joint custody of Minky and a built-in friend to watch "Nashville"with this fall - eeeeeeeeee!!!! But most importantly we have the ability to write a blog whenever we want because we literally live under the same roof.

Since we're overwhelmed by the fact that there's soooo much to talk about - I mean three years come on, if we were a baby we'd now be speaking. Or is it crawling? We've never understood the timeline of a baby - it's probably least overwhelming for us to sum up the highlights with our favorite pal!

You can't stop the bulletpoints:
  • SMASH happened. Ummmm how were we not around to give our opinions on SMASH? We hope all of y'all heard that joining this cast this fall will be SEAN FREAKIN HAYES. The ORIGINAL Christian Borle's character (we still don't know any character names on that show). Except Ivy Lynn. Our favorite Donkey Kong heroine! Boy, do we love her voice. 
  • We missed being around to talk about three years of Tony Awards. And don't get us started on The Book of Mormon. OBVIOUSLY we were going to love it considering we find South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut to be one of the best musicals of our time. 
  • Daniel Radcliffe was so funny being like the flyer on the cheerleading team that was How to Succeed. He tiny!
  • Anyone else think it's hilarious/really intriguing that Lin-Manuel Miranda is writing new music for Working??? Nothing like a musical with a composer list of Stephen Schwartz, James Taylor, Mary Rodgers, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Speaking of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bring it On anyone??

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that our blog is back just in time for THE LES MIS MOVIE TO COME OUT. Anne Hathaway with a pixie cut. Just what we need. 

Oct 20, 2009

New York <3 Richmond

This might be old news for some, but for others it's so cool! Thanks to our friend Lauren Edelstein, who has a hilarious and fashion-filled blog you should check out (sorry Lauren, hilarious and fashion-filled were literally the two best adjectives we could come up with at this point in time), we found this article! It was in Travel section of The New York Times on October 18, and is a "36 Hours in Richmond, Va" feature. They literally say, "Richond is strutting with confidence, moving beyond its Civil War legacy and emerging as a new player on the Southern art and culinary scene."


They also bring up the new and exciting Richmond CenterStage, Need Supply Company, which we've tried on many-a-dress at (unfortunately, downtown hipsters wear dresses that go up your butt... and we Steingolds are no downtown hipsters), and Legend Brewery (woo!).

Fin. Gosh it's still so hard to end blog posts.

Oct 4, 2009

Legally Whaaaaaa??

Oh, hi! Didn't you see you sneak up on us. Yes, we're still HERE. Good times and bum times, we've seen all and, my dear, we're still here. Hyuk! Anyway, we've missed writing on here. See, we'd have things to write about it, but we're uber-perfectionists and if a post wasn't awesome to our standards, we just wouldn't put it up. But now, we've decided to not always give you the most wonderful, witty, and whimsical posts you deserved. Sometimes they might be W-T-F. It's a roll of Sky Masterson's loaded dice.

To ease us back onto this, here is a video Elyse found on Legally Blonde is heading to the West End, so they made this music video to promote it. calls the video "fun." We call it HILARIOUS. Those Brits have quite the sense of humor. And quite an interesting view of what makes a musical advertisement enticing. This is literally one of the funniest things we've ever seen, for so many reasons. One of those reasons? The almost R-rated kiss. Another reason? What Elle does when she holds the long note at the end of the song. Watch it.

And some exciting news! We're pretty sure that both Steingold sisters will be in town for the Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Awards! The Arties! Or the Artsies? Not sure. Annie will be home for Fall Break- hit her up, yo! And Elyse will be home for the Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Awards! Oh, and doesn't have rehearsal that night. So look out for us with a microphone in hand and video camera, asking you who you're wearing and what you did to prepare for the day. Perhaps a mani-pedi at Atir?

Check back to hear thoughts about Bye Bye Birdie, After Miss Julie, and Superior Donuts. YES! Two plays! Can you believe it? Aren't you proud?

Sep 13, 2009

Center Stage Opening! A Guest Blog by the Parents Steingold

Since Annie and Elyse could not attend the CenterStage Grand Opening last night, they asked us to write a guest blog to share our thoughts and impressions.

First, let’s talk about the physical structure: having grown up in Richmond and attended many movies at the Lowe’s and subsequent concerts and ballets at the “Carpenter Center,” I (Nikki) can tell you that they did everything RIGHT! Kudos to the person who said, “let’s keep the amazing theatre looking just like it always has, but let’s add about 25 more bathrooms!” The Lowe’s/CarpenterCenter/Carpenter Theater is and has always been one of Richmond’s treasures. How nice to see it shining once again!

Actually, Kenny had to miss a huge football game (Southern Cal vs. Ohio State) which he was counting on to reverse the effects of his breakout performance in the “Summer of ‘42” music video. In fact, our good friend, Glynn Baker, called after viewing the video stating that Kenny needed a heavy dose of beer, red meat, and football. Instead, he got culture … and considering that “Barney on Ice” and an accidental poetry reading at Barnes and Noble while waiting to see “The Hangover” were his other two artsy endeavors, he needed it.

Now, on to the show:

Can we just say that the Richmond Symphony is AMAZING and we loved “Festive Overture.” Listen to it on YouTube, it’s inspiring! Maybe if "Glory Days" had opened with this song, things would have worked out differently. Bravo to Erin Freeman, Associate Conductor, whose talents were evident in every twist of the baton.

Hosts Venus Flytrap and Aunt Viv (Tim and Daphne Maxwell-Reid) added so much to the evening – their comments were both interesting and personable. We’re very fortunate to have them active in the Virginia Arts Community.

The Richmond Jazz Society and African American Repertory Theatre both gave excellent performances, with “Generations of Jazz” and the works of Langston Hughes respectively. Ah, then on to the Virginia Opera’s selections from “La Boheme.” Need we even mention how amazing these voices were? We just can’t understand how they failed their audition for “High School Musical” (that’s some tough casting!). Not only were the voices outstanding, but they brought along an entire set that was so authentic I had to put on my sweater. While the opera was in Italian, they were kind enough to project the translation on a screen. Little did we know those beautiful Italian words translated into, “My enchanted love, please pass the Cheese-Whiz.” We loved the choice of songs, but our only regret was that they left out the scene where Angel dances on the table.

The Barksdale/Theatre IV-Empire Theater/HanoverTavern presented scenes from “High School Musical,” “Boleros for the Disenchanted,” “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” and “The Sound of Music.” As usual, the “HSM” cast was highly energetic and we rooted for Troy and Gabriella. But we wonder if Gabriella’s mother knows that the Wildcats apparently traded Troy Bolton for Dennis Rodman (nice tat!)

Loved “Thoroughly Modern Millie” and agreed with the audience’s spontaneous applause following Carolyn Meade’s tap solo!

And what a pleasant surprise to see our friend Ana Ines Barragan King of the Latin Ballet of Virginia performing in the bolero “Besame Mucho.” Ana is a delight to watch and the Latin Ballet of Virginia is a treat that ALL Richmonders should see.

TB/TIV-ET/HT ended with “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” from “The Sound of Music” performed by the Mother Superior and her backup singers. We thought it strange when they segued into the “My Guy/I Will Follow Him” medley and were a little freaked when Rolf came out singing “Springtime for Hitler.”

Act Two’s performances by Elegba Folklore Society and Richmond Shakespeare clearly proved the diversity in the Richmond talent and creative pools. Elegba wowed the audience with their dancing, rhythm, and amazing performance by Amadou Kouyate. Richmond Shakespeare showed their versatility in speech, song, and dance.

SPARC was great. The leads, Jason Marks, Chris Adams, Ali Thibodeau, Drew Seigla, Michael Hawke and “Eponine” (so sorry we don’t know your name!) were outstanding. From the “Castle on a Cloud” opening through “One Day More,” SPARC gave an excellent representation of their mission and accomplishments.

The Richmond Ballet’s performance of the final section from “Windows” was the enchanted ending to a magical evening. We loved seeing Phillip Skaggs, Valerie Tellmann, and Lauren Fagone whom we enjoyed throughout so many ballet performances when our good friends Pedro Szalay and Brandon Becker were with the ballet. And what a treat to see Maggie Small, whom we have watched dance since her childhood! But while we mention these names specifically, the entire company was simply outstanding!

The CenterStage Foundation is to be commended for persevering throughout recessions and adversity to reach the crescendo it did last night.

Sep 8, 2009

Anyone Want to Send Me a Water Filter?

It's the start of separate blog posts for the Steingold sisters now that we're in two different states. Tonight it's Elyse. It took me this long to write a new post because every time I came to the blog to write a new one, I ended up just watching that video over and over again and then I would forget my initial intention in signing on to Also, I now have a twitter which I completely don't know how to use and I'm a little ashamed that I have one in the first place, but I felt I had to. So if anything the least bit witty comes to mind, I post it on my twitter. So, my twitter page is very "twitty." Ha. And based on that pun you can imagine how terribly uninteresting my twitter page is.

So I go to school in DC just steps from the Kennedy Center, and every night they present performances at the Millennium Stage for free. Some nights are incredible and some nights they bring in Al from off the street with his tin drum made out of a trash can. Tonight happened to be incredible. The Signature Theatre presented a cabaret of songs from The American Musical Voices Project, which included new work from Michael John LaChiusa, Ricky Ian Gordon, Joseph Thalken, Adam Guettel, and a lot more. There were a ton of songs whose sheet music I have to get my hands on for when Annie and I finally pull off our cabaret. Seriously. We want to have a 2-woman show. And our parents might make guest appearances. It will be just like the Broadway's Leading Ladies show except Annie, Mom, and I will be singing the "Weber Love Trio" and Dad will be singing "The Ladies Who Lunch" in his falsetto. On that note (heh) I bid you farewell.

Later, I'll talk about the upcoming Equality March that's happening here in October and the fact that the Hair tribe from Broadway is going to be marching. I'm all about equality, but honestly, mostly I'm walking to try to accidentally brush Will Swenson's butt.

Aug 28, 2009

The Blog Post You'll Always Remember

Questions regarding our family's insanity will be answered in the order in which they are received. Oh, and have we mentioned that our parents are amazing sports? Just count this as our end-of-the-summer treat for you all. 

Does our dad remind anyone else of Brick Tamland from Anchorman?